Liquor License


Dear Stakeholders, We would like to inform you of a significant step we are taking to regulate liquor more effectively in the public interest and enable communities to take action against problematic licensed establishments. Please assist us in sharing this information with your networks. Please see attached for detailed information Kind regards / Vriendelike groete/…

OCA Response on Armchair Theatre Temp Liquor license

The OCA has responded to Sub-Council 16: “After due consideration, and engagement with the applicant, the Observatory Civic Association has agreed to support this application.” We would, however, like it to be noted that the applicant has applied for a permanent liquor license, and the OCA has not received notification of this application at all….

REPORT BACK by Tauriq Jenkins – Western Cape Liquor Authority Tribunal : Springboks Observatory Liquor Licence Application

Introduction Initially scheduled to start at 9 AM at the Western Cape Liquor Authority (WCLA) in Bellville, upon arrival with Observatory resident, Roger Norton, we were informed that it would start at 10 AM. Present was Anine Kriegler who was summoned by the WCLA as an ‘expert witness’ in her own capacity, and Warrant Officer…