OCA Response on Armchair Theatre Temp Liquor license

The OCA has responded to Sub-Council 16:
“After due consideration, and engagement with the applicant, the Observatory Civic Association has agreed to support this application.”

We would, however, like it to be noted that the applicant has applied for a permanent liquor license, and the OCA has not received notification of this application at all.  The applicant is under the impression that the submission of the application for a permanent liquor license will be finalized before March, so it is puzzling that notifications have not been sent to the relevant bodies.  It would be appreciated if someone could look into this and inform the OCA as to the status of this particular application.”

If anyone requires more information regarding this application, please contact Carolyn Neville, Convenor of the Sub-Committee on Liquor Licenses and Noise Issues at [email protected]