OCA and others objection to the extension of Stones’ trading hours

Stones, LMR have once again applied to have their trading hours extended from 02h00 to 04h00.  This is an annual application that goes to Sub-Council 16 as the City of Cape Town regulates trading hours.  Each time this application has gone through it has been rejected by Cllr Chapple as well as others – Stones have appealed and they have won the appeal in the past.  Once again, the OCA has objected – see objection letter below.

Blue Diamond, LMR – this establishment expanded their premises last year and applied for their licence to be amended to include the new premise area.  This has significantly enlarged their premises and neighbouring residents are concerned as there have been complaints of noise and general disturbance from this establishment.

The OCA reminds residents that all liquor licence applications have to be advertised by law on the door / window of the establishment – we need to be vigilant about noticing and reacting to these advertisements.  Unfortunately, this one passed under the radar as we were in lockdown and so few people were out and about.  This application has been granted – so all the community can do now is report all infringements of noise and disturbance through Law Enforcement and SAPS – obtaining reference numbers for each complaint, complete the OCA complaint form below and send it to Carolyn Neville for record purposes.  Each year a liquor licence is renewed and authorities will take these complaints into consideration.

Residential properties and noise – there has been a dramatic increase in the number of complaints from residential properties and noise disturbances.  Complainants are urged to try and speak to the tenants regarding their behaviour first, then the landlord or letting agent.  Please log each and every infringement and if reporting to Law Enforcement or SAPS obtain the reference numbers.  Only hard evidence can be considered in these matters.  The OCA sub-committee that deals with these issues is happy to convene meetings between complainants/tenants/letting agents/landlords.  If one property is constantly problematic, it is helpful to set up a WhatsApp group with other neighbours so it becomes a more united effort to encourage better and more neighbourly behaviour!

For any more information, please contact Carolyn Neville at [email protected]

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