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2016 Annual General Meeting

WHAT is it?

The Annual General meeting is your chance to decide who represents our neighborhood to the City Council and other civic bodies . It is also your opportunity propose projects for the year And/Or  offer your services as a volunteer.

All Observatory Residents and Businesses are invited to attend this meeting.


WHY get involved ?

The Observatory Civic Association needs Observatory community members (Property Owners, Tenants and Businesses) to volunteer their time to safe guard the heritage and  culture of our suburb as well ensure  a safe, neighbourly and positive environment to live in and conduct  business in.


When and WHERE

  • Tuesday 25th October 2016
  • Obs Community Centre, First Floor – NA Room
  • 18h00

If  you wish to raise an issue or volunteer, please give us your details in the form nearby.

PS: We really need people who understand technology, passion and marketing to move us forward. We have the platform!

Welcome 2013 Committee

Congratulations to the new Committee:

At the Annual General Meeting held on 18 October 2012 The following Committe was elected.

Chair – Emile Young
Vice-Chair – Marc Turock
Treasurer – Brian Amery
Secretary – Mariagrazia Galimberti
Noise and Liquor – Henk Stutterheim
Architecture and Heritage – Ryan Brown
Rosemary Robins

Welcome to the new face as well as the returning committee. More info to come once they have got organised.

The memberships fees were agreed to

R20 Individual
R10 Student/Pensioner
R100 Business

New membership form on the Website Soon… and some new logos….Logo 2 - New OCA Logologo 1 - New OCA logo

OCA Annual General Meeting: First Anoucement

This is the first announcement of the up coming Observatory Civic Association Annual General Meeting.

The order of business will be to Confirm the minutes from the previous AGM, to accept the financial statements for the  last year and the current year, to make amendments to the constitution, and to propose changes to membership fees (we’ll be proposing to reduce them from the low price of R50 per person to sublimely low price of R20) to hear the Chairmans report and then to elect a new committee.

The constitutional amendments are to bring our constitution in line with one acceptable for applying for NPO status. These amendments are slight and will be circulated prior tot he meeting and will be available on our website which is currently under construction have a facebook page that we encourage you to join notifications will be made through Face book and these mailing lists.

The OCA is looking for civic minded individuals to joining the committee and helping fill the 4 key posts of Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Some of the current committee wish to move on and we are looking for some fresh blood. We won;t be throwing anyone into the deep end and the retiring committee who do not get relected will be close at hand to makes sure this is smooth transition

But more importantly we need members. We represent the rate payers and businesses in Observatory and to do that effectively we need a strong mandate from our constituency. Our membership fees are currently R50 Individual and R300 business. We are going to propose a reduction to R20 individual, R10 pensioner, R10 student and R100 business. We felt since we did not need or rely on subscription fees to run the organization as we have the income generating parking lot that we would reduce the fees to trivial amounts. R10 equals one load of bread. R20 is not even a beer in the pub and R100 is one meal in a restaurant or half a shopping bag at the supermarket.

We would love to see you at the AGM. To vote and take part in the meeting you need to be a paid up member so please bring along R10, R20 or R100 to the meeting so you can sign up and partake.

Why should you bother with the OCA – well we are busy working on a nice pamphlet we will distribute two weeks prior to the AGM with all that info and an agenda. But as we said we are the voice of the community when it comes to interfacing with the council and the more members the louder our voice.

Bearing in mind this is an AGM and we will be dealing with AGM business we will not be having long and lengthy discussion or debate of any issues not pertaining to the matters at hand but under Other Business we will certainly take questions and allow you to briefly raise concerns and points which we will record and table at the first meeting of the new committee.


Trevor Hughes

2011 Chairman