Report on the SGM

Dear Obs residents Many of you were no doubt present at the OCA Special General Meeting (SGM) held last night on the 28th November and saw Democracy in Action. However, I am writing to give people who were not present feedback on the outcome of the SGM.

Obs Has Spoken

Tonight over 250 people gathered at the community hall for the Special General Meeting. One motion was proposed which was to agree with the decision to annul the entire AGM of the 31 October and to reinstate the previous committee to organise another AGM within 8 weeks.

Join and participate

Dear Obs residents Many of you have been concerned about the way large developments are changing the face of Obs and have joined in civic actions over the past few years (signed petitions, or written objections, or helped to staff petition tables) to express our views. In fact, more than 1400 of you are out…