Appeal from former Obs resident


I am raising funds for the SHOE4AFRICA charity to build a 152 bed children’s cancer hospital in Kenya. The hospital will help East African children born into poverty and diagnosed with cancer. 9 out of 10 of these children will not survive (as compared to 1 out of 10 in the United States).

In my home city of  Cape Town, South Africa, we have The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. It currently has the only children’s oncology ward in Southern Africa. They attend to about 2000 heroic children every year.

Shoe4Africa is an amazing charity with a strong track record. In 2015 they built East & Central Africa’s 1st Children’s Public Hospital. The hospital has treated over 860,000 patients to date!

They have also built six free to attend government accredited  schools. This gives 2,000 kids a day the chance of quality education. They run a thriving women’s empowerment project for over 100 women of domestic violence.

I have committed to raise $3000 dollars by 1 Nov and to run the New York City Marathon on the 6th Nov. Thank you to those that have donated so far. I am over halfway to my goal but need one last push to get to the end. Every amount helps even if it is as little as $10. 

You can make donations on this link:

To find out more about this project visit

Many thanks in advance.

Andrew Fife