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TRUP and River Club Update

The main consultation process for TRUP is ongoing with a public participation process. Obs residents have teamed up with others to put on the table a plan which retains green space but allows development at the fringes consistent with mixed use and densification. However, it is unclear if this plan will succeed given the very heavy vested interests.

The River Club has a re-development application in which involves a Rezoning application and therefore subject to public participation. Obs residents were alerted to become registered as Interested and Affected parties. The Scoping Environmental Impact Assessment report was released for comment (deadline Sept 5). It is important that the development is consistent with our approach to TRUP broadly (retaining green space for public use). An argument has been put forward to reject totally the rezoning and to maintain the current zoning as an Open Space 3, which has restricted uses and a limited number of consent uses. We encourage all Obs residents interested in retaining public green spaces to be active on this. The River Club is private property unlike the rest of TRUP.