What has the OCA been up to?

The month of June marks the halfway mark for the year; OCA members have put together a list of some the things we’ve managed to accomplish for the community in those six months. There’s much more to do!

  1. Occupy Movement on Malta Park in January 2018
  2. Held a successful AGM in January 2018 with huge growth in membership
  3. Held public meetings on Water Tariff and Water Crisis
  4. Held public engagements and formulated comment on the River Club development
  5. Development resulting in a two-year protection order by Heritage Western Cape.
  6. Awarded Most Active Conservation Body, 2018, by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports.
  7. Started the Obs Water Warriors and online platforms
  8. Adopted a new subgroup, the Water and Sanitation Committee.
  9. Initiated an online map of large developments
  10. Public engagement and comment on the City’s draft Budget
  11. Town hall meeting on Hartleyvale
  12. Implementation of an Action Group on the Malta / Hartleyvale issue
  13. Held a Visioning workshop, 2018
  14. Activation of a Constitutional Task Committee to strengthen the OCA’s constitution
  15. Screening of Living History of Obs
  16. The OCA’s Architecture & Heritage and the Large Developments Group continue to monitor and comment on developments in the area.
  17. Workshop on social issues and homelessness, June 2018
  18. Submission of community objections to Hartleyvale / Malta Park, June 2018
  19. New OCA newsletter