OCA takes action on Hartleyvale & Malta Park

On Monday 4 June, the Observatory Civic Association lodged an official objection to the City’s sweetheart lease of Hartleyvale and Malta Park to Cape Town City Football Club and the fencing off of Malta Park – a public space that has been open to the whole community for many decades.

It is a matter of public record that in 2018, the City leased Hartleyvale and Malta Park sports grounds to Cape Town City Football Club, and that conditions of the lease included erecting fences around Malta Park grounds. The lease is for 2 years and 11 months at R8,500 per month.

Our official objection was submitted in person at the Office of the Speaker of Cape Town by our chairperson, Mr Tauriq Jenkins.

Our key objection is that the City flouted public participation requirements. Chiefly:

  • The City failed to notify the registered civic body in Observatory – the Observatory Civic Association.
  • The City also appears to have failed to notify the Two Rivers Urban Park Association, a key stakeholder whose mandate is derived from the conservation of the land on which Malta Park is located.
  • The City approved the enclosure of public open space without notice to the public.
  • In doing so we believe the City contravened the Municipal Asset Transfer Regulations and the Management of Certain of the City Of Cape Town’s Immovable Property policy, which require adequate public participation.

We have also noted with concern the proposal by Cape Town City FC to build a 10,000-seater stadium on the Hartleyvale land, though we understand no formal application has been made.

In our submission, the Observatory Civic Association asked that the lease be set aside, pending due process and proper consultation. We also want the public to be granted access to Malta Park.

Observatory belongs to all, and Hartleyvale and Malta Park belong to all. We demand transparency, public participation and inclusivity!

The submission is available here.