TRUPA’s Appeal of EA on River Club Site by DEADP

Two Rivers Urban Park Association represents a multitude of Interested Party Stakeholders, associated either as individuals or organisations under the TRUPA Constitution, some involved for over 22 years of stakeholder participation since before T R U Park was set up in 2003. TRUP and TRUPA are guided by the TRUP Contextual Framework (LSDF) and the Environmental Management Plan of 2003 as consulted, adopted and set up, officially in August 2003 by City of Cape Town, together with 2012 Table Bay District Plan, still in place.

1. TRUPA’s primary Grounds for Appeal, is that the EA does not question the non-compliance of the LLPT proposed development, as per the BAR and HIA. No reasons provided for disregarding the current Policy frameworks nor, why other legislation set up to protect TRUP riverine heritage environment is disregarded.