OCA Letter to our city councillors

Dear Paddy and Matthew

As registered I&APs in the River Club BAR, you would have received our Appeal against the Environmental Authorisation issued on the 20th August to the LLPT for their development at the River Club. For completeness, I attach it again.

I am writing to remind you that the law entitles any I&AP in an Environmental Authorisation to comment on an appeal within 20 days of receiving the appeal.

We hope that you will support the OCA appeal on this matter, if not for all the reasons outlined in our appeal, at least because you well know this development is a monstrosity that the vast majority of Observatory residents who care about Observatory, the City and the planet do not think should go ahead, never mind the procedural irregularities associated with this authorisation.

The regulations require you to direct your comments on the appeal to DEADP Appeals [email protected]and to the appellants (we are using the address [email protected] for responses to our appeal). Your responses need to be submitted within the next 20 days.

We look forward to seeing your support for our objection and other objections lodged against this development.

I also draw your attention to a notice from the City indicating that the Rezoning application for the River Club is to be considered at the MPT next Friday. We are gobsmacked that this application is being considered when the BAR Appeal is not completed and would like you to follow up with the relevant Planning Officials how the application can even be considered, when the application submitted in 2018 is no longer the same application as given Environmental Authorisation by DEADP. If it is the same application, then the developer have been misleading all of us in saying that they have been responsive to IAPs in the BAR process since they claim to have altered the application to respond to comment. It would seem the MPT and the planning offices are opening themselves to legal challenge if this matter is considered at the MPT without readvertising.

Leslie London