TRUPA Response to River Club Rezoning App


1. The Two Rivers Urban Park Association (TRUPA) would like to submit the following comment and objection in firm response to the unfortunate application to rezone the River Club site as per the application 70396369. TRUPA have submitted a number of previous objections and comments representing TRUPA’s mandate.
TRUPA represents stakeholders and interested parties as per its constitution, since 2003. Many years of consultation went into formulating the principles of the ‘Development Framework’ to preserve the park in a sustainable way and we participated in formulating the Manifesto regarding the future of the TRUP, facilitated by ‘Sun Development’. The River Club Site is part of T R U Park and is also guided by the ‘Table Bay District Plan’ to   be updated, not undermined!  We have a direct responsibility to engage with all aspects of the park as mandated, to guide its implementation, in partnership with stakeholders and City of Cape Town.2. The proposed “Rezoning and Deviations from policy” notice sent by TDA, dated 27 August is contrary to planning guidelines for the Park and is contrary to all current policy and vision that stakeholders aim to achieve. The proposal ignores the Draft Manifesto and the updated vision to guide the future of the Park.

TRUPA and stakeholders are firmly against the unacceptable proposal with substantial high density development intruding into the flood plain of the declared Two Rivers Urban Park. It disrespects the vision and the park!