Report from Architecture and Heritage July 2019

from Tracy Hyde

Observatory Civic Association – Architecture and Heritage.
DCAS Award Winner, 2018: Most Active Conservation Body

Major highlights:

Supported plans for the following properties:
6 Polo Rd – Alterations and additions.
9 Cranko Rd – re-application of extension to dwelling – now only a single story. 

Did not support plans for the following properties:
55 Milton Rd – as-built dormer windows – out of character with house and street. 28 Lower Main Rd – Second dwelling.
Cnr LMR and Norwich (large development) – New development. 

Objected to departures for the following properties

Objected to a demolition permit for the following properties wrt “Heritage”

Attended Belcom meetings for the following properties wrt “Heritage”

Considering plans for the following properties
10 Gordon Rd – minor alterations and additions but has an unauthorized heritage boundary wall, already built, but never supported by the OCA – TBC. An applicant failing to respond any further.
8 Duke str – Alterations and additions, including possibly controversial boundary walls already built.
5 Westoe Rd – possibly controversial boundary wall, already built.
14 Norfolk Rd – Car port. Advised Applicant to seek advice from an Architect.
6 Speke Rd – Not sure – design stage.
Coornhoop – As-built internal alterations.
Doves Funeral Building (large development) – new development on site. Parts of the original building to be retained. 

Monitoring CCT’s response to illegal building works
28 Lower Main Rd 18 Campbell Str 13 Duke Str
10 Bristol Rd
Lytton Rd Gym
Wesley Rd
Corner Ossian and Station Roads 17 Kotzee Rd
Observatory Library – fence Clifton Terraces
Other on Duke Str
Other on Alfred Str
Mary Kiln School – prefab classrooms – (possibly authorized ?).
2 Alfred Str.
Note: need to check if all of the above has in fact been reported to the CCT. 

General updates:

Any challenges:
1. Absent Building Inspector
2. Unauthorized building works
3. Applicants not receiving replies to the OCA’s “contact us” page (not sure if this is still a problem as of July 2019).
4. Increase in the number of boundary walls/screens that are not authorized.

Any matters requiring a decision from the OCA Management Committee:
Refer to items 3 of “challenges” above. #ENDS