October Architecture & Heritage Report by Andy Goedhals

Major highlights:

  • Supported plans for the following properties:

38 Bowden Rd – Alterations and additions to an existing residence.

Supported 10 October) (Marine)

15 Anson Road (Riverview Lodge) – minor additions and internal alterations (Marine)

  • Did not support plans for the following properties:

37 Dane street – rejection of major alterations and additions – re-application (Marine)

  • Objected to departures for the following properties

22 Nuttal road currently under assessment.

5 Dove St – additional story – more information requested

  • Objected to a demolition permit for the following properties

No demolition permit objections in this time frame

  • Considering plans for the following properties

38 Bowden Road – alterations and additions (about to be supported)

  • Monitoring CCT’s response to illegal building works

No active monitoring at the moment

  • Monitoring CCT’s response to illegal building works

No active monitoring at the moment

General updates:

In the interim before next OCA election:

  • Andy is ManComm representative
  • Marine is coordinating responses to applications

Any challenges:

  • No dedicated email address for A+H applicants on the OCA website – still an issue
  • Confusion around who is receiving applicants’ emails – address [email protected] to be put in action, with emails forwarded to both Andy & Marine ([email protected] & [email protected])
  • Teething issues in the new organization of committee / taking over from Tracy, specifically because
  • Andy has little experience of the OCA
  • Marine was away in Aug/Sept
  • Due to the points above, there have been delays in issuing responses to applications but the backlog is now cleared
  • Unauthorized building works

Any matters requiring a decision from the OCA Management Committee:

  • How to create an OCA digital archive where we store Letters of (no) support & Objections and associated documents.