Your guide to Cape Town’s quirky kid – Observatory, as told by CapeTown ETC

Ashleigh Nefdt – 5 March 2022

When you’ve explored Camps Bay to the depths of the ocean and galavanted through town’s treasures for the umpteenth time, you might be ready to explore somewhere a little different. Somewhere that celebrates difference and draws it out of you.

Observatory or ‘Obs’ as it is affectionately known is like the quirky pair of sneakers your art friend customised and painted themselves. Unique, creative, and forever rocking to the beat of its own drum in Cape Town, Obs is well worth a visit for the bohemian soul visiting the Mother City.

Many Obs wizards will tell you that Lower Main Road sports dime a dozen curiosities that locals hold closer to their hearts than an organic coffee. They’d definitely be right. However, the Cape {town} Etc family suggested spots in and around Obs too, giving love to and beyond Lower Main Road…