We continue to campaign for human rights

18 MAR 2022 —

Day 56. That’s 8 weeks since the end of the court proceedings which considered our application for an urgent interdict. We are still awaiting the Judge’s decision which we have been told is likely to be issued next week.

But as many of you will be aware, Judge Goliath was the target of a shooting last week. It’s a deeply sad day when a member of the judiciary becomes the target of harassment by faceless gunmen and we condemn in the strongest possible terms the attack on Judge Goliath’s home which resulted in the wounding of a security guard. We wish her all strength and fortitude in her difficult task, particularly when facing such violence from nameless sources. Nevertheless, the wheels of justice must grind forward and we look forward to her decision, which we believe must recognise the irreparable harm to living heritage being inflicted by this development…