Announcing the solution to your spring cleaning problems AND the opportunity to find treasures and delights!! The YMCA will be hosting a car boot sale on Saturday 29 October on the Basketball Court (entrance on Cambridge Road). There will also be coffee, cake and boerewors rolls.

The YMCA does an amazing job on its outreach programmes and the R200 entrance to have a ‘parking spot’ ( you can fill yours with a car, car and table or just a table) will go to help their work.

But it will also be a chance to find things you didn’t know you needed, treasures you didn’t know you wanted and make a little money of the clutter in your closets

To book your ‘parking spot’ call the YMCA on 021 447 6217 during office hours.

If you are interested in any other type of stall please WhatsApp Sarah on 0793463438.