Visit a community garden near you

As part of Abalimi’s 40 year celebration we are inviting everybody to visit some of the home and community gardens that are supported by Abalimi.

Over the next six weeks different gardens will be on display in different areas, giving a range of farmers the opportunity to show their gardens and sell their veggies.

If you want to join any of the tours, meet at the Garden Centre around 9:30 from where a field worker will go with you to the gardens.

Weekly routes will be made available.  For the latest info you can join the WA group.  Booking can be made via WA on 064 73 18 235.

This week we visiting @Feedthekhaltsha, Umthawelanga, Ntinga, Women in Farming and Siviwe Home Gardens (Lady T) in Khayelitsha so meet at Khayelitsha Garden Centre at 9:30 on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday morning.