UPDATE on OBS CAN initiatives and needs – What we are doing

Community Action Networks are neighborhood-organized initiatives that have been set up by communities, for communities to respond to Covid-19. It often means that one neighbourhood might be paired with another, more vulnerable neighbourhood, to bring support and relief. Observatory has been paired with Mfuleni, a community of people living around 40km away. It quickly became clear that once paired with Mfuleni, one of their greatest challenges was (and is) the many families that have been left in need due to the lockdown. Breadwinners are no longer bringing home an income, meaning that even the simplest need for basics has gone unmet. Supporting Mfuleni families has been made simpler by making use of Shoprite Vouchers, which can be bought and distributed without even leaving the house. Donations are made to the OBS + MFULENI food voucher group, whereafter Shoprite Vouchers are bought by Grace Coates (driving the initiative along with Jess Bailey) and sent directly to the cell numbers of needy families identified by NGO’s in the area. So far R20 000 has been raised for 200 Mfuleni families! However, the need in the community is ongoing and Obs will continue to support our friends in Mfuleni. Please do continue to help – your support is invaluable, plus you can do so from your fave armchair!

Many thanks (and sending virtual coffees!)

Feel free to join any of the following subgroups below.

OBS Homeless Support – https://chat.whatsapp.com/EUpiX0aigvtJ6RyjriewMO

Partnership with Mfuleni CAN – https://chat.whatsapp.com/H3Kls3jKzuzDpDUmNVkb3E

OBS Mutual support – https://bit.ly/2Vumsp5

Face Mask Group – https://chat.whatsapp.com/JuwxsxtIcsF6WDlt75bkMT

COVID-19 Info Sharing – https://chat.whatsapp.com/LuTLXr3z5GB3W5Oq9pUxjN