OCA Social Issues Homeless Feeding Program Observatory – UPDATE

Meals are served as below.
1.SPAR / Village Green 
Daily meal 12pm & dinner 6pm
2.PNP Occupiers/Arcadia/Singabalapha 
Daily food / meal / water delivery
3.Circus WAC
Weekly food delivery /
Food parcel 
4.Liesbeek Super 7 (+2!)
Weekly food delivery / food parcel 
5. 12 persons (now 13 & a baby) living between Spar & Doves funeral home main road – daily lunch pack / water & food parcels 
Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Feeding Program during the 3-week lockdown. It is with this and ONLY these donations we are able to purchase food for our community. Due to the extended lockdown till the end of April (and beyond) we are further asking to continue donating and sharing with your neighbors/WhatsApp groups etc.
Details for Obs Pasta kitchen  donations 🍝Account holder: International Association for Human Values (IAHV) Bank: First National Bank Branch: 250737, Lenasia Account: 62045616119 Reference: Obspasta + your name ♥️😇🙏🏽

For donations of R1000 or more 18A tax certificates can be issued please email [email protected] with your proof of payment, name, and address.

We would like to say a BIG THANK-YOU ❤️🙏 to our community who have donated so generously, Phil Broster, N Basha, Alice, Andrew Bowden, Tanya, Athena, Jesse, VD Merwe family, Terna, Sadie, Julia, David Max Brown, Frank Shuitemaker, Leslie, Ash SW, Nicole Mansour, Caitlin, Olvia ANDR, Mzila, Naomi Roux, ABSA bank, Steven Blan, Gerry, Biddy Green, Katie & Murray, Claire Everett, Mr Nthane, Sam Levey, Juith Dernie, Karla Saller, Arianna, Mike Bird, Danelle M, Abi Case, Chris R, Margot, Annibale, Ann Roese, Rode, Mala, GP Higuera @ YA, G Budlender, Aretha, Budlender, Emma VD Vliet & Will F, Lizsole, Robert Morrell, Anthea H, Jacques, Phil Broster, Zara, Lauren, 100 for Change, Julie, masks for obs pasta, Michelle Solomon, Fiona Smith, Simon, Leslie, Nick Green, Joy, K Polley, Lifestyle pharmacy, Steven Blan, Sara, Ruth, Lani Roux, Reaz Khan, Kari, Farzanah ❤️ THANK-YOU! 
And a BIG special thank-you to OBSID, Extreem cuisine, Ladles of Love, Obs pasta kitchen & all the hands-on-deck volunteers purchasing, making, distributing and transporting food. Viva! 

TO DATE: COVID-19 | Obs CAN  Recon

Meals served  
Week 1 lockdown 25/03-4/04
300 lunch packs
250 bowls of pasta  (Obs Pasta kitchen & Ladles of Love)
185 food parcels
2 Bulk Veg parcels 
2 Bulk Fruit parcels
15 pots of soup 
220 litres of water 
Week 1 total =R17607.27
Week 2 lockdown 05/04 – 12/04
350 lunch packs
140 bowls of pasta  (Obs Pasta kitchen & Ladles of Love)
102 food parcels (dried foods/oil/sanitary)
1 bulk veg parcel
1 bulk fruit parcel
15 pots of soup 
220L of water 
Total week 2 = R17575.10 updated correction = R15871.90 
Week 3 Lockdown 13/04/20 – 19/04/20 
465 lunch packs
150 bowls of pasta (Obs Pasta kitchen & Ladles of Love)
0 food parcels
1 Bulk Veg parcels 
0 Bulk Fruit parcels 
7 pots of soup 
2 pots food 
220 litres of water 
420 cups of soup (Extreem cuisine)
420 bread rolls 
Total week 3: R5352.00
Donations to date: R56410.00
All receipts are available on request.

If you would like to assist in other ways please contact Kiki on WhatsApp 0847710485

Kimon Kiki Bisogno – OCA Social Issues