Update from OCA Social Issues Vision 2021


My name is Kimon Bisogno also known as Kiki, my passion lies in Human Values and healthy stress management. Every Wednesday for the last 3 years I have been using these skills to teach the homeless of Observatory how to calm their mind at the Youth Solutions hall in Shelley street hoping to encourage the individual to gain confidence to take the next step and leave the street either by gaining job skills, shelter or rehab. In uniting with organizations such as New Hope and The Zanokhanyo network, community leaders, OBSID and now the OCA it has been a learning curve on how to help the homeless in the best way.

As part of a movement called “communities for peace” my wish is to host a workshop between local community leaders, police, community organizations, residents, homeless and any other interested parties. This workshop would unite the group and emphasize that with the right tools to manage stress we can take on issues together and have a broader vision for peace and how to create peace in our community. These techniques involve mindfulness, breathing and knowledge that I’ve qualified for teaching in 2017 by The International Association for Human Values.

This wish of mine is reflected in the OCA’s vision of
* Helping many community projects with in Observatory

* Initiating the Social Issues Forum to allow NGO’s working with the less fortunate to collaborate on shared problems

I did organise this event to take place in early April 2020 but due to COVID-19 it was postponed.

Social Issues – Join the OCA in Peace building this 2020

More than this…

I would like to strengthen the already strong relationships we have with other organizations in Observatory by assisting with joint fundraising ideas to work towards a common goal of a stress and violence free community.

You can contact me with any ideas or queries you may have on [email protected]