a Message from our Deputy Chair

I am Roegchanda Pascoe currently serving as the Deputy chair lady.

I am residing here in Observatory for 2 years now its an honor for me to be part of the community as it will just add to the work I am doing as an activist and my belief that all of humanity can live in love and harmony with each other we must just build the bridges of healing and restoration.

I work in people’s development and growth and I am a trauma support worker.
My focus work is crime and violence on how to resist and build resilience. Myself are a victim of crime and violence and because of that I resulted in living here none the less I have not given up on life and still strife toward safer living conditions and communities where all will grow mentally and physically well.

My last event called the Cape Flats Alumni was a dream coming true where the seed already manifested in me in 2017 and I could not do it then and I know that it was not the right time then but it was the right time in 2020 where our woman on the Cape Flats who work tirelessly and effortlessly every day to serve our people some with no formal education and some partially but it does not hinder them to be the police, doctor, judge, and jury and social worker in the absence of service not being rendered that is where I mostly work with the venerable that at most are left out because of where they preside and all that they have never chosen for themselves but a past history was unjustified and need to be set right without violence but with love and humility.

Hope to add value here in building that bridge our slogan “One love”

Warm Regards
Roegchanda Pascoe – OCA Deputy Chair