The TRUP Provincial Heritage status application

On the evening of the 27th February the Goringhaicona, the OCA and the TRUPA submitted the application for Provincial Heritage Status to Heritage Western Cape with your organisations listed as supporting the application. Below are the four documents that went in for the application – the main application form plus three appendices – the map of the area, the property owners and the organisations supporting the application.

We hope the strong joint showing between civics and a wide range of first nation groups will have gravitas within the workings of HWC.

Notice of Provincial Heritage application to property owners in Two Rivers Urban Park
Annexure 6a Section 27 Provincial Heritage Site Nomination 27 Feb
Annexure 6b – Organisations supporting the Provincial Heritage Site application
Annexure 6c Proposed boundary for heritage protected area
Annexure 6d Property Owners in the Two Rivers Urban Park subject to a Provincial Heritage application