The following links provide insights and context about the battles against Amazon’s destructive development

The banks of the Liesbeek River: Amazon vs. Indigenous South African Communities – minidocumentary by Nash Makado

Amazon’s Colonial Headquarters in South Africa with Tariq Jenkins, Leslie London & Nadine Dirks – Tech Empire, Michael Kwet, Yale University

Indigenous South Africans Protest Planned Amazon Headquarters in Cape Town – by Richard Smallteacher, CorpWatch

‘Amazon this land is sacred,’ say protesters ahead of court case – by Bulelwa Payi, IOL

Amazon Faces Headquarters Controversy—This Time in Africa – by Alexandra Wexler, The Wall Street Journal

Amazon’s New Africa Site Draws Ire in Indigenous People Protest – by Leah Wilson and Loni Prinsloo, Bloomberg

Heritage dispute engulfs site chosen for Amazon’s new African HQ – by Wendell Roelf, Reuters

Some indigenous groups in South Africa want to stop Amazon building a new HQ on the site of a historic battleground – by Isobel Asher Hamilton, Business Insider

The Liesbeek Action Campaign: ‘Yes, misinformation must stop, but it is not coming from opponents of the development’ – by Professor Leslie London, Tauriq Jenkins and Mark Turok, for Maverick Citizen

Fight over controversial redevelopment of River Club heads to court – by Sheree Bega, Mail & Guardian

How to whitewash colonial pain and trauma – by Jonty Cogger, Mail & Guardian

Khoi activist: “Amazon is the 2021 version of the Dutch East India Company” – by Ling Shepherd, the Daily Vox