The cruelty of floating feedlots that ply the seas with living cargo destined to die

Animal transport ships, from top: Al Shuwaikh. (Photo: Animal Welfare Foundation) | Mariona Star. (Photo: Animal Welfare Foundation) | Jawan with stability problems. (Photo: Animal Welfare Foundation) | Yosor. (Photo: Animal Welfare Foundation)

Don Pinnock – 22 Feb 2024

On Monday, 19 February, Cape Town woke to a nauseating stench and the horror of long-distance, live animal translocation. Nearly 20,000 cattle standing and lying in a sea of their own excrement were in a huge ship docked in the harbour. We lift the veil on a shocking industry that violates Halaal.

To be a vet on a long-distance, animal-translocation ship is harrowing and brave. You’re there for the animals, but you’re witnessing the worst treatment humans can inflict on them…