Energy crisis – Interview for master’s thesis – Stockholm University


My name is Margret and I am studying International Relations and Human Geography at Stockholm University and am currently doing research for my final thesis.

Currently I am writing my master’s thesis about Cape Town’s electricity crisis and its impact on urban households. I’d like to investigate how people react to, cope with and are limited by the ongoing load shedding practices in the city. For that, I wish to receive more insights from interviews with people and organizations facing this crisis. I’m hoping to gain a deeper understanding of, but not limited to:
Limitations in the everyday life
Coping strategies eg. changes to household appliances, meal prepping etc.
Differences of coping mechanisms between different residential groups
Predictability of and adjustment to load shedding patterns

If you are interested in an interview and would like to share your thoughts, please send an email to [email protected]

I am also very grateful to receive any additional help like contacts, websites and other organizations that are concerned with this matter and could be potentially interested in an interview or help me in other ways with my project.

Best wishes,
Margret Igel