Disruption of electricity supply near Scott Rd in Feb caused by builders

On Feb 21st, a contractor involved in the construction of the five story development at 289 Lower Main tore up underground electricity cables in Scott Road which disrupted power to a large part of north Observatory for about 12 hours. Despite repeated requests to our councillor and various officials, we were unable to obtain a report as to what action the City took in this matter. We therefore were forced to apply under PAIA for copies of the reports. These reports have now been supplied to us with redaction of sensitive information. These include the City’s response, a damage report, and a notice and report. We do not know whether this fine of  R42 019.15 has been paid.

The property
We have also requested information as to why and how the City permitted occupation of the property to the Developer on the eve of lockdown. Again, since the relevant officials have not assisted us, we have applied under PAIA for information as to how this could be permitted.

It is evident that contrary to the approved land use as a backpackers, the property is being rented out as apartments. A complaint has been lodged with the City’s Land Use Management inspectors and is in progress.