Social Issues update – 1 September 2020 Spring day 🌱 & full moon 🌕

Following a successful homeless feeding program run over Lockdown the Obs community gathered on the 12 of August for a town hall meeting with a difference – on zoom! 

Over 60 people attended to learn more about active citizens and organizations who have been on the ground doing the good work this lockdown.

Members of the Obs Civic Association, ObsCan, Obsid, Streetscapes, WAC, Singabalapha and more all joined together to discuss as a community our stance on feeding and providing for the homeless.

The introduction asked “what quality would you like in a best friend or life partner – someone you would spend your entire life with?” 

Answers poured in on the chat – honesty, kindness, love… and it was agreed that around the world we all strive for these qualities in each other – these are universal Human Values.

At the end of the community meeting it was clear that everyone wanted to support the homeless in the best way possible. 

The 113+ people who have been fed during this Lockdown are grateful and we salute ALL THE VOLUNTEERS who made and are still making this possible.

The Obscan has gone on to create The Obs Can Feed You community kitchen, they make daily meals – volunteers are needed and can contact [email protected]

You can support the Obscan by purchasing meals through Africa 70 who deliver delicious African inspired food weekly. questions, comments, orders to *Africa 70 on 0834732222*. 

The Obs Pasta kitchen feed a hot meal of pasta weekly on a Wednesday and celebrated their 3rd year anniversary this week on the Village green. Cake was sponsored by Dolce bakery and Reliance clothing sponsored tshirts with the new logo. Blankets, sanitary packs & cake were distributed and many locals reminisced about the sit down dinners that will hopefully start soon again at St Michaels church. Learn more about OPK here

Streetscapes on the same day the 26th of August opened their doors to nine formerly homeless of Obs. Taking over what was previously Wunderlust backpackers they’ve turned this space into an incredible opportunity for those living on the streets to change their lives. It’s a huge victory for Observatory and we thank Obsid for their participation in making this happen. Get involved here

The wonderful St Peters microsite who housed many local homeless during lockdown has closed and moved to a permanent site in Muizenberg. It’s an amazing achievement for Richard and his team. You can find out more here

Recon Lockdown 2020
Thank you to everyone who donated,

Please find the public link for the recon.

Any comments or questions can be sent to [email protected] 

Kimon Kiki
Bisogno 🙂