River club – attempts to cut our fundraising capacity through our online platform Backabuddy

15 December 2022

Dear donors in our campaign against the River Club site

On the 20th November, I wrote to you alerting you to the fact that our fundraising site, backabuddy, had given in to pressure from the developers of the River Club site to insinuate, based on the November 8th High Court findings, that our court challenge to the River Club development was fraudulent. This was a completely malicious and untrue smear designed to stop our funding platform. Sadly, backabuddy did not look at the evidence provided by our attorneys and closed our site. This cut off a very valuable source of funding.

As the matter stands, the recission findings (which found that High Commissioner Tauriq Jenkins gave fraudulent information to the court) are now under appeal as is the overturning of Judge Goliath’s interdict (with costs against the OCA), meaning that both decisions are suspended pending the outcome of the appeals.

Since we are entirely dependent on crowdfunding for our court costs, this strategy by the developer was, we believe, a strategy intentionally designed to immobilise our court case. In fact, the gerrymandered intervention in the week prior to the contempt of court hearing was constructed to distract our attention and legal resources. It rapidly led to four other course cases so it succeeded in its aim of depleting our funds more rapidly that we could raise funds. That alone played a not insubstantial role in the inability of parties to defend themselves adequately in the High Court.

We are confident the justice system will show that these decision were incorrect and restore the authority of the true GKKITC with Tauriq Jenkins as High Commissioner to hold power of attorney.

We have now opened two new fundraising platforms at a GoFundMe site and at a GivenGain site.

Precisely because we have been targeted financially, we are appealing to past supporters to re-contribute to our cause.

The developers know that their case in the review is weak and they will struggle to explain how the gerrymandered First Nations report passes legal muster when the competent heritage authority has declared the approval based on the report unlawful, and when multiple first nations entities have clearly indicated their opposition to the development. Moreover, there are many unanswered questions around flooding, climate resilience and biodiversity protection.

So, we are hoping you can show solidarity and support for this ongoing campaign. We are up against ruthless giants with virtually unlimited finances to throw at us. Please help us reach our target of R 600 000 over the next three months.

Please share as you see fit.

Any contributions are welcome, as is any advice. Feel free to email us at [email protected]

Many thanks
Leslie London