Property Valuations, MPT By-Law Amendment proposal, and Water Strategy comments

Dear OCA members

The City has recently completed a valuation of all properties that comprise their rates base. The previous valuation was completed in 2015 and this is a new valuation in January 2019. (

Observatory residents will have received a notice if your property was valued, indicating the value the City estimates for your property.


Bear in mind that a higher valuation will attract higher rates from the City; however, a lower valuation might mean that, should you sell your property, you might receive a lower offer.


You can object to the valuation estimated by the City. You will need to do so on an objection form which you can obtain by emailing [email protected]

Any objections must be lodged by 30 April 2019.


A number of estate agents are offering free property evaluations to support any objections. If you wish to pursue this, contact any of the agents in Observatory to enquire.


Note that the valuations are one of three major policies brought out at the same time by the City, including amendments to the Municipal Planning Bylaw and a Draft Water Strategy. The OCA will be convening a consultative meeting with other civics on the MPBL amendments in March and will alert you of the date. If you wish to comment directly to the City, please feel free. The Bylaw and a summary are attached. Comments are due April 1st.


As for the Water Strategy, the summary and the Full document (see are attached and we encourage anyone wishing to comment to do so – deadline is March 15th!

Please find the following useful links on the proposed Municipal By-Law Amendments.

Executive Summary_English

Annexure A Municpal Planning Amendment Bylaw

MPBL Amendments Guideline Document

Yours together,

The OCA Team