Proforma letters for IAPs to support the appeals with

Below are proforma letters for IAPs to support the appeals by Goringhaicona, HWC, OCA, TRUPA and City Environmental Management.

Please find the letters below

When IAPs comment, can you please send your comments to [email protected]
For each organization you are commenting on, please send a separate email
and copy it to [email protected]Title it “Comments on Appeals against the River Club Environmental Authorisation DEA&DP Reference Number 16/3/3/1/A7/17/3001/20.”


  • Please do not simply cut and paste without reading carefully. You might cut and paste an instruction such as the text in yellow below and that will be a giveaway… So, any yellow text must be replaced by the text you type in.
  • Please tailor your comment to the appeal you are commenting on. So, if the appeal is not about heritage, don’t comment that you are supporting the appeal because of heritage – they will throw it out
Please remember, these need to go out within 20 days of the submission of the appeals – so if at all possible send your appeal this week.Aim for 29th September.

Thank you.