Press conference on the proposed development of the River Club and the new Hartleyvale Stadium both in the TRUP precinct.

Goringhaicona held a combined press conference in solidarity with the Southern African Khoi and San Kingdom Council (which includes the Cochoqua Royal House, San, Nama, !Aman) the Kai Korana Transfrontier, FC Kaapstadt, the Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance, Civic Action for Public Participation, Woodstock Civic Association, Observatory Civic Association, Observatory Civic Association and the Two Rivers Urban Park Association.

The conference heard statements from each body clarifying their combined position on the proposed developments of the River Club, and a new Hartleyvale Stadium, both in the TRUP precinct.

By Identifying the two large development proposals as environmental and heritage threats on the TRUP precinct, the parties announced their combined rejection of the proposals.

Expressed was concern at how the two developments appear to be interlinked and various questions of clarity were posed to the City of Cape Town in terms of their involvement and support of these two threats.

A call was made for direct engagement Amazon owner Geof Bizos to get clarity on his company’s alleged backing of the RiverClub development.

The Goringhaicona rejecting the developer’s plans expressed its concern on what appears to be attempts to divide and conquer Khoi groups on the matter, affirming its stance and a call for unity.