OBS can feed you

Obs CAN Feed You x Africa 70*

This picture of bamia is a ~threat~ promise for later: we don’t think you’re ready for okra…

For this Sunday, *Busi & Papy at African Box* are making an East African stew of brinjal and sweet potato, black-eyed beans and palm oil.

Free as always to our neighbours still without shelter

*60 rand/portion for everyone else*

Why not simplify your life and ours by ordering Sunday dinner for all of July? we’ve got a vegetable curry, black beans & rice, and a Bandung bunny chow scheduled

Questions, comments, *orders to Africa 70 on 0834732222*

Allergens: none. (yes, we are well aware of the general problem with industrial palm oil production. but no, we don’t think refusing to eat unrefined palm oil here where it was first cultivated is the solution.)

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