OBS CAN Feed you WhatsApp group

PHOTO: Prepping one of OCFY’s daily meals

Since the Covid pandemic prompted declaration of a state of disaster, Obs CAN has coordinated solidarity with our neighborhood’s most vulnerable residents.

[the CAN has helped connect people with medical, legal, and other kinds of assistance.]

One of the most important needs is food. building on the long-standing efforts by the Pasta Kitchen, the CAN provided hot meals and food parcels to street-based people as well as residents of Observatory’s two occupations through the winter. this effort, now evolving into a community kitchen, is always looking for ideas, new volunteers, and donations – you can also support Obs CAN Feed You by buying a delicious vegan meal on the weekend, delivered to you by Africa 70’s bicycle delivery team (WhatsApp 0834732222 for details).

find out more at obscanfeedyou.com