New Developments – an SGM has been called

SGM 28 November 2017

Dear OCA Members

I am writing to invite you to a Special General Meeting (SGM) to be
held on 28 November 2018.

Carolyn Neville previously notified you of a proposed AGM to take
place on 28 November. This was called as a result of discrepancies,
which, upon assessment by the previous Management Committee,
constituted, prima facie, serious irregularities in the election
process that took place at the AGM held on 31st October 2017.

She subsequently received a lawyers letter directed to her personally
from three of the members who were elected at the AGM of the 31st who
threatened legal action against her if she continued to hold the
repeat AGM for the 28th November.

Carolyn has now resigned from the Management Committee and from the OCA.

I have therefore now assumed the position of Acting Chair in line with
the OCA constitution.

Given that there were a number of discrepancies in how voting was
conducted, there remains a dispute over the status of the committee
elected at the AGM of 31st October 2017.

In accordance with OCA business, the Management committee is therefore
calling a Special General Meeting for the 28th November (not an AGM)
in order to inform members about the developments and to discuss how
to regularise the situation.

Date: 28th November
Venue: Observatory Community Centre
Time: 6pm


Clarification of the disputed AGM of the 31st October and related issues

We look forward to seeing you there


Tauriq Jenkins
OCA Acting Chair

([email protected])
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