Koena Art Institute NPC Grand opening exhibition of its new and first gallery space in Cape Town, Observatory

Koena Art Institute NPC is delighted to present the grand opening exhibition of its new and first gallery space in Cape Town, Observatory, 42 Trill Road – Top Floor.  The expressions of fine and contemporary Khoi/San artists themed “Indigenous” will be exhibited for the first time, presenting artwork by established artists of over 20 year rapports while dedicating spaces to young emerging artists simultaneously.

The Koena Art Institute(NPC) is an organization that celebrates creativity, openness, tolerance, and generosity. Aiming to be inclusive—both onsite and online—where diverse cultural, artistic, social, and political positions are welcome. The first of its kind, an Art Institute dedicated to the preservation of Khoi San Heritage Owned and managed by Khoena Peoples. It is committed to sharing the most thought-provoking modern and contemporary art and hopes to take the whole South African Nation and the world, in exploring the art, ideas, and stories from an African tribe that has largely been unheard of.

The Koena Art Institute, aside from selling art online, hosts a series of temporary exhibitions, Culture exchange programs, Music and Language preservation classes as well as capacity-building programs, which are the result of Indigenous knowledge systems and experiences, history, and contemporary topics, unique to its people. Providing an in-depth look at art-related concepts through a lively approach based on visual demonstration..

Koena Art Institute (K.A.I) is an organization that is grounded with an aim to celebrate and preserve Khoi San / Khoe heritage and identity, representing artists of Khoena heritage from across South Africa. Artworks and events reflect the narrative through the eyes of the Khoena people, indigenous to the Southern Region of Africa. Hosting a beautiful balance of seasoned and upcoming artists who will present an exciting array of content central to the modern and contemporary Khoi/San narrative.

About the Owner
Lukretia Booysen is an Entrepreneur and an activist for Khoena/Khoisan heritage and art preservation. She centers her work around the preservation and promotion Khoe heritage through the arts in a contemporary and relevant fashion. Still holding true to the fabric of Khoena traditions and teachings. She has advocated for the inclusion of youth and Khoena peoples on radio, Social media, and television using the arts as her tool to tell the stories of the Khoena Peoples.