In the heart of conservation: TMNP’s all-women team leads the charge against environmental crimes

A SANParks helicopter prepares to conduct a safety patrol in Table Mountain National Park. The patrols are often aided by data gathered and analysed by the operations centre working behind the scenes. (Photo: TMNP)

Kristin Engel – 27 March 2024

The success of TMNP’s conservation soldiers who target crime on Table Mountain hinges on the data collected and analysed by a group of women, who carry out their vital work quietly in the background. We talked to some of them

Daily Maverick ventured inside the Table Mountain National Parks (TMNP) operations centre where an all-women team is laying the groundwork for special operations targeting environmental crimes such as abalone poaching, bark stripping, and flower poaching accelerating biodiversity loss across the mountain – as well as crimes against visitors.