Considering making changes to your house?

‘Hi Obsies, standing on my OCA A&H soapbox here reminding you that even if you are making ‘small’ or internal changes to your house, you need plans drawn up by a SACAP registered professional. Heritage protects the INSIDE, OUTSIDE and even the TREES of buildings older than 60 years. I know estate agents like to tell you that you can do whatever you want to the house as long as the facade remains intact but that is simply not true! Please feel free to drop me an email at [email protected]at any time if you have any questions about whether you need an architect or not or just anything building related. You can even report illegal works to me if you are concerned.’

Getting tired of having to remind everyone that EVERY part of the house is protected and SO sick of motivations saying that because it is internal it’s ok. It never was, never will be and I will never approve. We need to educate the public here!

Kirsti McKenzie – OCA Architecture & Heritage