Concerns over the proposed sectoral composition of the Ward Committee for Ward 57

Dear OCA members

I took a look at the Ward Committee projects on the City website for the wards in our Sub-Council

I have pasted them below

Our Ward 57 has only three projects going, one of which is upgrade to a subway at Alma Rd, one is a closed-circuit camera operation and one is something to do with a park upgrade (not sure where). Total budget R 500 000

In contrast, look at Ward 54’s allocated projects

They have 8 projects and a total budget R 1 million or so. Lots of diverse projects.

The other wards have 5 projects worth R 900 000 (ward 77), 7 projects worth R840 000 (ward 115) and 5 projects worth R 1 million (ward 55)

So, we have not been well served by our former Councillor and the WC has not been able to influence project or leverage funding that other Wards in the S/C have.

That should be a priority for the new WC

Why should we not have smaller projects addressing mobility in Obs, parks, etc?


OCA Chair