Call for proposals – “Telling the story of Observatory through heritage & memorialisation”

The Observatory Improvement District NPC (OBSID – see adopted a public space policy in 2020 that is guiding the use of resources for the improvement and celebration of public space in the neighbourhood.

Part of this process entailed a public call for ideas amongst residents and businesses. There was some interest in celebrating the history of Obs to explore its heritage and history more holistically.

The objective is to ensure that interventions related to heritage and memorialising are part of a bigger picture and bigger story, rather than isolated efforts.

To appoint a consultant to produce a road-map for OBSID to commemorate key aspects of the heritage and history of the Observatory, ensuring that both the process and the outcome are underpinned by community engagement, inclusivity and representivity across the whole neighbourhood.

A holistic, dialectical approach to conveying history will be required, resulting in a blueprint for providing a living history of Obs.

The term ‘living history’ describes not only the performance of bringing history to life for the general public but is also an educational medium used by living history museums, historic sites, heritage interpreters, schools and historical re-enactment groups to educate the public in particular areas of history.

The presentation should include a continuum of well-researched attempts to highlight historical events, in turn providing a foundation to interpret where Observatory is today and to inform how the future could be co-created.

The history of Observatory mapped-out in evolving trends, social class composition, events, buildings, architectural landmarks and people (but not limited to these) with key dates along with occasions for remembrance / celebration / commemoration.

A comprehensive proposal with a realistic budget for consideration.


  • Research to be undertaken – identifying key historical events, processes and trends in Obs. Collaborative research to be undertaken with District 6 Museum, Salt River Historical Society and other local organisations working on similar projects.
  • To put out calls for residents, property owners, and all who live, socialise and work in Obs to participate in and to inform the above-mentioned research.
  • Show that your research encompasses the history of Obs from its earliest inhabitants through to today’sdiverse microcosm of South Africa.
  • Collation of all information gathered into useable accessible formatsOutline how the project might utilise the electronic and social media such as You Tube social media
  • platforms / websites – to make this “Memory of a Community” widely available and accessible.
  • Comprehensive and practical recommendations towards activation – ideas that have been raisedinclude but are not limited to calendars, signage, walking tours and “did you know” plaques on buildings, street art, film, smart phone apps.
  • Linked to a draft implementation plan that specifically encourages community involvement, excitement/enthusiasm and buy-in.
  • Indicate how this project will be sustainable so that it may continue to grow and develop over the next few years, continuously offering insights into our past and how these influence and inform where Obs is going.Experience required:

    Expertise in heritage, culture, arts or history.

    Experience in developing and managing projects that encourage community participation.

    Experience in community engagement.

    Knowledge of the area.

    30 April 2021 – proposals and quotes to be submitted
    14 May 2021 – completion of presentations of shortlisted proposals to OBSID Board working group
    27 May 2021 – appointment confirmed by OBSID Board
    1 June 2021 – project initiates
    1 July 2021 – review meeting with OBSID working group
    31 July 2021 – work draft delivered to OBSID working group
    26 August 2021 – final work product delivered including roadmap, implementation plan & activation list.

    Please contact Amanda Kirk on [email protected] or 021 448 7090 with any questions, also use this email to submit your proposal.