Architecture & Heritage August Report

A&H has had a busy lockdown- despite the recession, developers are keen to take advantage of reduced property prices and desperate architects.

Here’s some news about what big developments are on the horizon and also an update on the ‘backpackers’ at 289 Lower Main Road.

1.Is your professional who they say they are? We have had an influx of plans drawn up by people who are not actually registered architectural professionals. Often, the people who have employed them have no idea. OCA urges you to please ask your architect/technologist/draughtsperson for their SACAP number and then to check that the number matches the correct name using this link: Please note that if your chosen architect/technologist/draughtspersons name does not match the number given, they are committing fraud and we will be forced to report them to SACAP, who will the report them to the SAPS. We will not approve plans drawn up by unregistered persons. There are many wonderful registered professionals who can do the job legally listed on SACAP’s database.

  1. 289 LMR: After numerous complaints by residents, we have complained to both John Gerber of BDM about the illegal building (bricking up neighbours’ servitudes, knocking down neighbours’ walls) and Greg September of LUMS about the illegal land use (the property was approved as a backpackers and is now being rented out as long term accommodation). We know how concerned residents are, and we are continuing to apply pressure to council. Please if you have further complaints, email us so we can add it to the raft of complaints that we have already submitted.