Arts, Culture & Sports – Calling all artists, historians interested in the Observatory.

Observatory World Heritage History Project

Placing Observatory as a nexus of mankind, this project anchored by Observatory Civic Association’s Arts, Culture and Sports Portfolio aims to bring about awareness of the historical significance Observatory as a precinct has in relation to South Africa, the African continent and the World.

From the First  Freeburgher Farms established by the VOC, The first Frontier Wars, the SAAO, Valkenberg, Groote Schuur hospital, its progressive anti-apartheid history place Observatory as a kaleidoscopic window of meaning for all South Africans. This project aims at connecting the City to its lasting history and varying political and sociological landscapes with its residents, an opportunity to educate South Africans, and an opportunity for global engagement of this mostly untold, beautiful and enriching history.  

This project includes the establishment of an Observatory archive, a film unit, a series of seminars and talks, an online presence via a website, artistic exhibitions, and displays and performance art and written work. 

The project will work with neighboring areas, cultural bodies, and civics in Ward 57, including Woodstock, Salt River, Mowbray, and Rosebank. 

Arts, Culture & Sports – Activities coming up
After a successful ‘soft launch’ of a trial run of the Observatory Shakespeare Subway Project, ‘The Subversion Shakespeare’ project is calling on artists, performers, choreographers, musicians interested to do an interdisciplinary subway event as its second phase.

As we are aware of the impact of the coronavirus on gathering in confined spaces, we may will be brainstorming options of bringing this out into the open, celebrating our Green Open Spaces. Now, we recognise how open green community spaces may be the only alternative spaces for gathering and communing while adhering to the awareness of individual distance, hygiene, during this health crisis. This is even more reason for us to acknowledge our open spaces and the dire need to preserve our natural environment from concretisation. 

The Observatory Chess Club will be meeting online, if any chess enthusiasts want to join the Obs Chess Club please email [email protected] 

The Armchair Theatre has reopened with white blank walls, and an open new invitation to artists interested in co-designing the inside the venue and fill the blank canvas with something of our community. 

Watch the space for theatre, poetry, and sports activations around our lovely neighbourhood. All are welcome to join! For more info email [email protected] 

Tauriq Jenkins – Arts, Culture, Sport