Community consciousness around the Corona Virus

Dear Residents,

As we respond to this Coronavirus crisis as announced on Sunday by our President, it is our duty as a civic to assist in maximizing consciousness of the situation while minimizing fear. 

We call on our community for a human-centered approach that will diminish fear and not tolerate alarmist, racist, and xenophobic reactions.  We aim to publish only vetted announcements of coronavirus on the groups. 

We also urge you to please share FACTUAL information regarding the combatting and prevention of this disease with those you come into contact with who may not have ready access to reliable sources of information. Many people in our community do not own smartphones or computers.

We believe that the potential stigma of the Coronavirus must be leveled early, very early. As we have learned, that stigma kills and damages more than the virus itself if left unabated. As more information is gathered, we aim to demystify any fear through facts which will also ensure that appropriate applications of safety and security are encouraged. A response that re-engages our historical legacy of effectiveness in disasters and overcoming adversity while keeping our diversity and Ubuntu. 

This a call for care, security, but most importantly love. 

We would like to establish a task team of volunteers and specialists in, but not limited to, Health, Planning, Disaster Management, Architects, Public Relations, and Artists across the board and call on our membership to volunteer. The task team would help with sharing valid information and preparing our community to deal with the pandemic. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the OCA if you are able to assist or wish to contribute  any ideas to our proposal by emailing us at [email protected] 

A Consideration could be that we can host larger meetings on Zoom broadcasted from the community center with just the lead team members in the physical meeting. 

We will urge the City to tell us their plans immediately, keep us updated and engage with us as a community as we seek to collaborate in ways that will seek to assist the City and National services in dealing with this health emergency.

Here are some very good and reliable sources of information to enable you to stay abreast of developments –

Cape Town Together: Building a Community Response to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Corona No-Panic Help Guide

Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for COVID-19

Corona Virus Support Help Line – 060 012 3456

Yours in solidarity,

Team OCA