You could qualify for the City’s debt write-off incentive

If you have municipal debt older than three years that you are struggling to repay, you can apply for a debt write-off.

How does it work?

  • You must enter into a debt repayment arrangement for current debt
  • Debt older than three financial years will be written off
  • If you default on your repayment arrangement, the debt write-off will be reinstated

What do you need to provide?

You will be required to make an upfront payment for your current municipal account, along with an additional sum towards the arrears. The amount to be paid will be determined based on what you can afford to pay.

In addition, you need to provide us with:

  • a copy of your ID
  • proof of income
  • three months of bank statements
  • an affidavit if unemployed

If your municipal account is registered in more than one person’s name, then a letter of consent from the other account holder along with their copies of the above documents must also be provided.

For assistance, visit our customer contact centres or contact the City’s Call Centre on 0860 103 089.