Willow Arts occupants to face eviction

The occupiers of Willow Arts Circus Collective appeared in the Cape Town magistrates court for judgement in their eviction case.
The presiding magistrate Khan handed down the eviction order for the 1 July 2023.
Attending the hearing were occupiers from WACC,Reclaim The City (CGH) and Singabalapha.
The court have granted emergency/alternative accommodation to the occupiers at the Culemborg Safe Spaces.
In the arguments, the occupiers of WACC had rejected the alternatives offered for emergency accommodation.
Here are the alternatives for emergency accommodation:

1)The court has ruled out  Kampies as an alternative and found it unsuitable and appalling for the occupiers to be relocated there.

2)Mfuleni(BOSASA)The court has taken into consideration the safety and xenophobic threats as presented by the occupiers in the matter.

3)Emergency Kits:Available land close by could not be found/allocated for the occupiers to put up shacks(emergency homes).

4)Culemborg:Magistrate Khan made the ruling that the occupiers be given shelter at Culemborg Safe Space for a period of 18 months).
He found that the Culemborg Safe Space was the most suitable space.

The occupiers of WACC  have expressed that the Culemborg shelter is not a safe option for them because of the lack of privacy etc.
They are also concerned about the lockout system which prohibits them from being inside the safes pace during the daytime.

The fact that the Culemborg Safe Spaces now serves as a precedent for future emergency accommodation and seems to be a housing alternative is a great concern to the occupiers who felt that there is enough vacant sites around the Innercity that could be considered for alternative housing.

The occupiers of WACC,Singabalapha and RTC occupations will be meeting in the very near future to discuss the WACC  judgement, solidarity support ,the way forward and to speak about and unpack The Constitutional Right  to Adequate Housing as per section 26 of the constitution and what it says about the right to dignity, safety etc.
Jonty Cogger from Ndifuna Ukwazi law Centre who are representing the occupiers of WACC will be joining in that meeting to summarise parts of this judgement and what it means for evictees ,homeless and occupiers.