Why is this land so important to the San and Khoi?

Chief Autshumao explains:

“At the end of the day, it’s this thing of land dispossession, which is still happening, which is still continuing. Because as a spiritual nation, us being the Aboriginal Indigenous sovereign nation people, we see this land is sacred, and there are certain places that are very sacred like all high places – like this mountain, Hoerikwagga – and in certain other places. But this, here, was also a summertime, where first nation people used to come from the interior. We renew family ties; we come together; we sing; we praise and we look towards the sacred mountain, Hoerikwagga. So this whole area from Woodstock, right through past the Golf Park place, it’s part of our very sacred heritage. Only this small part is remaining and we have said, no more!”

Video: Edwin Angless