Why does your vote matter?

We are just days away from our local government elections – will you be making your mark on the 1st November?

Our local municipality is responsible for the services closest to our lives. They can ensure we have water and electricity in our homes, our refuse is removed, and that our roads, parks and public places serve and benefit the needs of everyone in our communities. But not enough people are voting in local elections, despite their huge impact on our everyday lives.

This election is important – can you name some of the reasons why? Take the quiz!
According to the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC), over 26.2 million citizens are registered to vote. These are people who will have a say in the decisions that benefit their immediate communities, like the quality of life they want and how their tax money is spent.

But based on previous elections, not everyone who has registered wakes up to cast their ballots. The 2019 national elections only had a 65% voter turnout.

If you happen to be uncertain right now, here’s a chance to understand why you have the power to make change. Your vote matters – test your knowledge now by taking this quiz.