What is going on with our swimming pool???

On 27 February 2023, OCA member Janet Cronje wrote the following to our ward councillor:

Dear Cllr and Carolyn,

We have heard nothing new about the Observatory pool in the last while.
Can you share with me where the City is in terms of the procurement process for the fixing of the pool?
Please would you also point me to the previous decisions made in relation to the pool and where I could find this documentation.
Of course, we are nearing the end of this summer period, but many of us Observatory residents would like know if we can expect the pool to open for the 23/24 summer season.
Any news would be welcome.

Janet Cronje

After sending a follow-up email, Janet’s email was responded to by Carolyn Borland-Dudgeon on behalf of the ward councillor, instructing her to fill out a C3 form and then told “I unfortunately do not have the information you are looking for, the Cllr will personally respond as soon as possible.”

The ward councillor has yet to respond and Janet lemented,
“The pool has been closed for 4 years now. As residents and ratepayers, we surely deserve at the very least, the information about what is going on with the pool – what the problem is, and what the plan is to address this issue/s.”