How can you support the OCA’s appeal against the DEADP decision regarding the River Club?

The law entitles any I&AP in an Environmental Authorisation to comment on an appeal within 20 days of receiving the appeal.

That means that if you received the appeal on the 9th of September, you can comment before the 29th of September.

Who can comment on an appeal?
Only persons who are registered as IAPs can comment on an appeal at this stage.

If you are an IAP, you should know this because you should have received a letter from SRK informing you as a ‘stakeholder’ of the outcome of the DEADP authorisation.

The file would have been sent by email on the 21st August
as 478320_RiverClub BA_Stakeholder Notification of EA.pdf

If you are not sure if you are an IAP or not, contact the OCA at [email protected]

Where do you send comments as an IAP?

  1. To support the OCA appeal, you must send your comments to both of these addresses:
  1. To support any other appeals that arrive in your inbox, send your comments to both of these addresses:

What can/should you say in your comments?
This is an opportunity for you to express your views about the appeal.

You can say as much or as little as you want and there is no specific form for comments.

Even if you want to raise new points, remember to endorse the appeal and you can particularly highlight issues you think are important.

We do recommend that you note that contrary to the claim made in the EA decision that concerns of stakeholders and IAPs were addressed, you do not believe this is correct.

Remember to endorse the OCA appeal and any other appeals you believe worth supporting.

What if you are not an IAP?
The law does not entitle anyone who is not a registered IAP to comment on the appeals.
But you can send messages of support to [email protected]