We are not optimistic; rather, we are prisoners of hope

18 JAN 2022 —

Today our petition blasted through the 67 000 mark and is continuing to rise as we prepare for our days in court, starting tomorrow, 19th January. Jeff Bezos is not the only person experiencing rocket power. The difference is our petition is rocketing upward because it is driven by people power, not by money power or by the power of influence. Tens of thousands of people say no to this development (yes, James Tanneberger, though you like to claim in the press we are a small bunch of misfits, we are more than 67 000 people). We say NO because it is an affront to human dignity to disrespect a sacred site by placing 150 000 square metres of concrete to host high-end businesses like Amazon who could easily choose a less sensitive site.

We also held an Inter-faith event today on the steps of St George’s cathedral in Cape Town, to bless the team challenging the Liesbeek Leisure Property Trust (LLPT) and its allies in the City and Provincial government. At the ceremony, first nation leaders and shamans blessed our struggle and we heard leaders of different faiths, including Imam Rashid Omar, Mr Marc Turok and Reverend Rachel Mash speak about love, about belief, about caring about protection of the environment, about respect for the dignity of indigenous people and about our common humanity as people…